About Me & Commissions

Hiya! I'm Jamie, and I am a digital artist and I mainly make fan-art of games. I started out with making art for fellow Guardians of Destiny 2 since 2022, and have had a love for the games since just prior to Destiny 2's launch.
If you are interested in commissioning me, my information and pricing are below!

All of my giveaways, updates, and more are available on my Discord server ^

Commission Information 🔴 CLOSED

Here is all my information on what commissions I do, how my process goes, pricing, and payment methods.
If you are interested in commissioning me, let's talk about it! I am available on Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and Ko-Fi.

Pricing (USD)

While I primarily cater to Destiny 2 players, I welcome commissions for Apex Legends, Halo Infinite, and Warframe.*
The artworks I've displayed also have example prices in their captions!


Guardian - $60 as base price
Weapons - $10 on top of base price
Ghosts - $5 on top of base price
Additional characters, weapons, or ghosts are the same price as base.

Weapons or Ghosts

Weapon/Ghost - $40 as base price
Additional Weapons or Ghosts are $5 each

* : Halo Infinite and Warframe assets are limited, especially Warframe. I do not have many armor attachments nor weapons, so in most cases, I can only do the skin and helmet provided they're not too new.

Can't do/refuse to do...

I will not take NSFW, hateful, or gory commissions.
I also don't do well with human-like faces, so I can either only do helmets or Exo faces (from Destiny 2).
I can refuse any commission should I choose to. If conversations become uncomfortable, creepy, or disrespectful, I will not proceed with the commission and may refund based on how much I've already done.

Payment Methods

Payments can be done through Ko-Fi, which takes PayPal.


  1. Let's talk about it - discuss the prices, what you want, timeline, posting, etc., here I will confirm whether it is doable. If not, I will simply let you know, and you can choose whether to pause/cancel it, or try something else. (This is also the time to send in references, screenshots of the characters, names of armor, colors, etc..)

  2. Payment - If you are ready to commission, I will open a single commission slot with the accurate price on my Ko-Fi page only for you to claim. I only take full payment upfront. Refund policy below.

  3. 3D - I start with 3D models and assets from the chosen game(s), here I will work with posing and lighting. Changes are very much encouraged here, as approving it will mark it as the point of no return.

  4. Artwork - When the 3D image is approved, I then begin the artwork itself. I can make minor changes, like changing details, removing or adding emblems, etc. Changing the pose would require completely redoing it, so if I'm already too far in on the artwork, the cost of it will depend on the commission. Changing the lighting/shadows will not cost anything.

  5. WIP - work-in-progress images will be sent here and there, and minor changes are welcome. They will be covered with my watermarks.

  6. Finalizing - When I finish the artwork, I will send you two versions of it: one will be completely covered in my watermark for social media posts. The other will not be covered, but will still have a few watermarks here and there. I will also message you the links to new social media posts of the commission (unless agreed beforehand to not post it or wait until a later date.)

My Terms & Refund Policy


  1. *My work cannot be used for commercial use, and can only be for personal use. (examples - YES: profile pictures, personal print, posting on social media [please use the watermarked version]. NO: reproducing, selling print[s], using to monetize content)

  2. Expect 2-3 weeks for your commission as I have multiple other commissions and personal projects ongoing as well as life.

  3. If I have not started your commission and you want to refund, you will be refunded fully. If I have started, I will only refund partial amounts depending on how far into the commission I am. Exceptions may be made.

  4. *All artworks will have a signature in any corner as well as multiple hidden watermarks. They must not be removed. (Another version will be made with the signature covering the entirety should you want to post it online.)

  5. Artworks I've made will be posted online unless you either simply don't want it to be posted or want me to wait until a later date.

  6. I can refuse any commission for any reason.

  7. *My work will NOT be used for NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or in an AI/image-generation dataset.

Refund Policy

- If I have not started your commission and you wish for a refund, you will be refunded fully.
- If I have already started your commission and you wish for a refund, you will only be refunded partially depending on the stage of the commission. (Near completion = no refund.)
- If I take at least 21 days to complete your commission, you will be refunded half the cost.
* = Violation of terms marked with * will result in dropping any ongoing commissions with appropriate refunds, and future commissions will be discarded with no refund. Removing signatures, watermarks, and credit equates to stealing as there is no longer an immediately recognizable link to me as the artist. Producing and selling prints without my permission is lost compensation for me as the artist. Using them in an AI/image-generation dataset and/or my art or my name as prompts contributes to mass amounts of theft.


I've been featured in a few blogs from Bungie which I'm still eternally grateful for. These were both featured in the Art of the Week sections.